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How to find the office:
Enter to Shopping Center les Cygnes, walk to the middle area where You will see an elevator in the corner. Take elevator to level AD, leave the elevator right and after You walk through the door going to the terrace, turn left. The Office is there, at the terrase. There are also many pointers are pointing to the direction, so it is easy to find.

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Arabic.

The tour provides visitors with a lot of great information, it is informative and entertaining at the same time, with a many good tips, background knowledge and interesting stories from the history. Segway tour is everything but lengthy or boring. Quite the opposite - You are quickly moving from place to place, always having new sensations, as surroundings are changing swiftly, while people around are in marvel, as they are not used to segways a lot. The tour is fun, the tour guides are very professional skilled and the driving is exciting.

Tour guides are taking pictures of You during the tour, in front of various sights and monuments. Pictures will be sent to Yo within 24 hours after the tour.

The tour takes up to 12 people, and if there are more then 8 people, even the second tour guide joins the tour, so all the participants can hear the interpretation clearly and maximum safety is ensured.

Safety vests are available, but not mandatory.

At the beginning, after signing the statement of responsibility and watching the instructive video, You will learn how to drive segway, first in the safety mode. Riding segway is fairly easy and intuitive. When You want to go forward, You bend forward, and when You see a danger coming, You naturally bend backwards and the segway stops, or reverse. There is enough time to get use to the Segway at the terrace of Cygnes shopping center before the start, and after few minutes of driving around, You will become comfortable driving it.

Currently, the segways in Switzerland are considered to be more closer to motor bikes then to bicycles. You need to be 18 year old or more and have a driving license of at least motorbike type to drive a segway and be able to take part in this tour.

The Old Town Tour costs 99CHF and takes 1,5 hours
The UN and International Organizations Tour takes 2,5 hours
The All in One tour takes 3 hours
The private tours take You wherever You wish, or can be arranged at any time of the day. Count with surcharge of 50CHF.


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Facts about Geneva:

Population: 194 800 (2017 est)
Currency: 1CHF=€1.01=$1.02a
Airport: GVA Geneva Airport
Hotels: 143 (€29 - €2900)

Jet d'Eau Fountain

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Facts about Geneva:

Population: 204k/1,1M (muni/metro)
Currency: 1CHF=€1.06=$1.15
Airport: GVA Geneva Airport
Hotels: 136 (€48 - €2900)
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Jet d'Eau Fountain

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