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Public transport tickets in Geneva

Geneva has a very good public transportation system that will quickly and conveniently get you to any corner of the city.
The core of UNIRESO is TPG - Transports Publics Genevois, which operates local trams (6 tram lines numbers 12-17) and buses. Together with TPG, Unireso also covers yellow taxi boats driving through the Geneva Lake and SBB trains. With one ticket, You can use all ways of transport!
See the map of public transport.

Public Transport Tickets:
The single UNIRESO ticket is valid for bus, tram, lake boat and local train (including Cornavin-Airport train) falling within given Unireso zone. The most common ticket is valid for 60 minutes and is transferable (CHF 3). Alternative is short 3 stops ticket (CHF2). Tickets are to be bought at the ticket machines (coins, no credit cards), located at every bus or tram stop in the city and inside the buses going outside of the city. As there are no ticket machines in the city buses, you are supposed to buy your ticket at the station before the vehicle comes. There is a date and time printed on the purchased ticket in a moment it's printed, so always buy only one ticket - the one that you are going to use!

SMS Ticket
Send SMS from your Swiss SIM with text "tpg1" to 788 for 1-hour, transferable ticket (CHF 3) before boarding the vehicle. You will receive Your ticket by SMS immediately. List of another SMS codes:

Code: Duration: Type of the ticket:
tpg1 60min Full tarif, Geneva (zone 10)
tpg2 60min Reduced, Geneva (zone 10)
cj1 1 calendar day Full tarif, Geneva (zone 10)
CHF 10
cj2 1 calendar day Reduced tarif, Geneva (zone 10)
CHF 7.3
cj91 1 calendar day from 9am Full tarif, Geneva (zone 10)
cj92 1 calendar day from 9am Reduced tarif, Geneva (zone 10)
CHF 5.6


Prices of TPG: bus, tram and train & lake tickets:
front look on the ticket machine, public transport map and ticket prices The general city of Geneva belongs to zone 10 (the biggest area in the middle of the picture above). Zone 10 also includes airport. If you are coming for the tourism, you will most likely be in this transport area only. Regular full priced ticket for zone 10 (60 minutes) costs 3 CHF and you can switch between buses, trams and boats.
Short trip (3 rides by bus/tram or 1 ride by local boat - mouette) ticket prix is 2 CHF.
For information on tickets in all zones of Geneva, please have a look on the detailed list of all ticket zones and ticket costs in a table bellow:

Geneva Unireso (bus, tram, boat, train) Public Ticket Prices for adults and children in CHF and EUR according to a zone:

Zone 10 (City of Geneva)

Price for Adults

½ Tariff, children aged between 6-16

1 hour


3,00 €

2,00 CHF

2,00 €

Short Trip (3 stops TPG, 1 traverse by Mouettes)


2 €

1,80 CHF

1,80 €

1 day card

10,00 CHF

10,00 €

7,30 CHF

7,30 €

1 day card from 9 am


8 €

5,60 CHF

5,60 €

Tickets for traveling outside of Geneva:


Price for Adults

½ Tariff, children aged between 6-16

1 day card all zones

18,50 CHF

18,50 €

9,30 CHF

930 €

Card from 9am all zones

13,20 CHF

13,20 €

6,60 CHF

6,60 €

81, 82, 84, 85, 86, 87 (Veigy, Annemasse, St Julien, Vita m'Parc, Valleiry, Beaumont, Pougny, St Genis, Thoiry, Ferney-Voltaire, Gex)

4, 80 CHF

4,80 €

2,90 CHF

2,90 €

22 (Mies, Tannay, Coppet, Commugny, Founex, Céligny)

6,60 CHF

6,60 €

3,30 CHF

3,30 €

90 (Chavannes, Bogis, Bossey, Divonne)

8,40 CHF

8,40 €

4,20 CHF

4,20 €

21- Via Zone 90 (Arnex, Borex, Crassier, La Rippe)

9,80 CHF

9,80 €

4,90 CHF

4,90 €

21 (Crans-Prés-Céligny)

8,40 CHF

8,40 €

4,20 CHF

4,20 €

For zones 21, 22 and 81-90 your ticket is valid for 2 hours.

No change given at the ticket machines - if you overpaid, keep your ticket for reimbursement at a TPG agency

In newsstands, supermarkets and in TPG agency you can buy Cart @bonus in prices of 20, 30 and 50 CHF and use it at the ticket machine to buy your ticket without any need of using the coins. (prepaid card)

Unireso Monthly Pass
You can also purchase 1 month zone 10 TPG/Unireso ticket (valid for bus, tram, lake boats and train in the whole zone 10) at Gare Cornavin Railway Station or at station Rive (tram 12).
At the Gare Cornavin, the TPG Office is located at the northern entrance (upper part of the station), just opposite the Geneve Roule! bicycle rental.
Cost for one month Geneva public transport ticket zone 10 for adult is 75CHF and 45CHF for young people 25 years old or younger.
You only need to provide Your ID, address where You are living in Geneva (or hotel address) and swiss phone (optional). They will take the picture of You on the spot and print the monthly pass immediately. There are also passes for longer period, up to one year, available and passes for other zones as well.


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Facts about Geneva:

Population: 194 800 (2017 est)
Currency: 1CHF=€1.01=$1.02a
Airport: GVA Geneva Airport
Hotels: 143 (€29 - €2900)

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Facts about Geneva:

Population: 204k/1,1M (muni/metro)
Currency: 1CHF=€1.06=$1.15
Airport: GVA Geneva Airport
Hotels: 136 (€48 - €2900)
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