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Boits de la Bâtie - Park & ZOO

Bois de la Bâtie is Geneva's biggest ZOO breeding over 60 kinds of animals, located near the Jonction, ideal for families with children.

Bois de la Bâtie (meaning the forest of Bâtie) is a peaceful and colorful park and Geneva's zoological garden situated close to La Jonction, neighbouring Cafe de la Tour. Park is full of various birds, sheeps, wild boars, deers, pigs, rabbits, peacocks, ponys and many other animals. With area of 20 hectares and dozens of animal types, Bâtie Park is the must visit ZOO in Geneva.

Ideal for families with children, as kids can easily spent here 2 hours watching animals in park, exploring the zoo and playing around.
Park offers beautiful scenery, natural environment and few animal statues.
Diverse biotope of various animals and ducks walking on the pathways is enriched by some interesting trees and beautiful flowers. Watch the cute sheeps bleating and walking around.

It's forbidden to feed animals! Food You would probably give them is toxic and unnatural for them.
No dogs allowed (as many ducks and animals are walking freely, not protected by the fence).

Opening times: 08 - 18 all year round, pleasant in the summer and the winter as well.
Free entry.

Vivarium de Meyrin

Address: 32a, rue Cardinal-Journet, 1217 Meyrin
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 14 to 17h, Sat-Sun 10 to 17h

Animal Sanctuaries

Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanique de Genève)

Animals: sheep, goats, bees, water birds
Address: Mon-Repos, 1202 Geneva
Bus stop: Jardin Botanique (1,11,25,28) or train stop Secheron
Openig hours: Apr-Oct 8h to 19.30h, Nov - Mar 9.30h to 17h

Parc Challandes

Parc Challandes is animal shelter/sanctuary taking care of animals often found on streets or hurt, without home, and if possible, after the animal is ready, relasing it back to the wild. Some animals, such as wild foxes. have doors open to leave and come back as they wish, teaching them independence while still providing them with a shelter and food in need.
Visiting hours are from morning to the noon, visitors should always be accompanied by volunteer, as not all safety measures of classical ZOO are met here. (but it is perfectly safe, even for children).
Parc Challandes is maintained by city of Geneva and is always in a phase of expansion, as more an more animals need our help.

Animals: monkeys, wild pigs, guinea pigs, foxes, wallabies, many birds (especially colorful parrots), fishes in aquariums.

Admission: First visit is usually free (donations welcome), after that visitor can become a member, financially supporting this animal shelter and having doors open.

Address: Route de Valavran 33, 1293 Bellevue
Opening Hours: every day 9.30 to 12h

Zoos further away from Geneva:

Zoo La Garenne (40km)

Address: Place du Zoo, 1261 Le Vaud
Opening hours: 9am to 17.30h



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