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May weater is changing quickly - little rain can change for sunny spot from hour to hour.

Generally the Lake is causing air to be clean and ski bright, causing a lot of sunny days.

Weather in Geneva is similar to what you can find in Central Europe from a climate standpoint, although there are a few differences that you will be able to feel when you get here.

First, from a temperature standpoint, you will encounter some slight differences during the year. The temperature varies between -1 and 26 degrees Celsius most of the time, even though there are some rare situations during the winter when you will find -6 or -8 degrees outside. Likewise, some summers might be hotter than others, and that’s why there are some years in which you can encounter temperatures above 31°C. Most of the time however, the temperatures will stick to the values of -1°C to 26°C.

The warm season has the average low of around 14 °C, which is quite a high one for the region in which Geneva is located. When it comes to the cold season however, things are changing exponentially, as the low temperature is usually slightly below zero.

Usually, the length of the day will vary exponentially throughout the year, as expected. You get an average of around 8.5 hours of light during the winter season and around 15 hours during the summer. In Geneva, the shortest day of the whole year is the 21st of December, while the longer one is June 20th.

The weather itself is changing rapidly in Geneva, as you can find different weather conditions during the day. For example, at some point it might rain a lot, while in a few hours it can be sunny. This is why you need to prepare for a bad weather at all times when you visit Geneva. When it comes to the lake however, you will see that most of the time the air near it will be very clean and there won’t be any clouds thanks to it, so you can enjoy a sunny day here. Aside from the lake though, you will see that Geneva has a great cloud cover that ranges from 40-45% up to 90%.

It’s important to know that weather specialists have gathered information about the frequency of precipitations and the results show that throughout the year Geneva will receive rain in more than 56% of days. There are different types of precipitations, but the ones that are widely encountered are light or moderate rain and, in other situations, thunderstorms.

Also, snow falls quite often in Geneva, and that is why you will actually see that snowing occurs at around 20-25% of days. This isn’t shocking, considering the geographical position of Geneva.

Lastly, humidity plays a major role in Geneva as well. In fact, the average humidity here ranges from 40%, which is a comfortable level, up to 95%, a level that can cause quite a lot of discomfort. In some rare occasions, the humidity in Geneva can actually reach 100%.

As you can see, the weather in Geneva can change rapidly, and that is the main reason why you need to try and be prepared whenever you visit Geneva. Take all the information listed above into account and you will have no problem enjoying your time in Geneva!


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Facts about Geneva:

Population: 194 800 (2017 est)
Currency: 1CHF=€1.01=$1.02a
Airport: GVA Geneva Airport
Hotels: 143 (€29 - €2900)

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Facts about Geneva:

Population: 204k/1,1M (muni/metro)
Currency: 1CHF=€1.06=$1.15
Airport: GVA Geneva Airport
Hotels: 136 (€48 - €2900)
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