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Bastions Park

Giant Chess Board in Parc des Bastions, GenevaParc des Bastions, or Bastions Park, is a must-visit beautiful park in the heart of Geneva, located next to Place Neuve, just under the Geneva's Old Town.

Bastions Parc is famous for the Reformation Wall proudly standing here, big chess boards at the entrance, great restaurant and big playground for a kids. Opposite the reformation wall stands one building of the University of Geneva and it's public library.

The main entrance to Bastions Park is from Place Neuve. Just behind the big decorated gate are huge black-white boards for playing Chess, Go and Checkers, always full of people immersed in their game, old or young. Behind the game boards is popular Restaurant and several refreshement stalls that will sweeten Your day, and behind the restaurant is hidden big adventurous playground for children with their families, offering the opportunity to spent an afternoon playing.

Geneva Reformation Wall Parc des Bastions has lot of green lawns, big trees and open air, all making up for a beautiful park. During sunny days many people lay down on the grass or have a picnic here, others read a newspaper or browse the internet sitting on one of many benches. Oftentimes in a summer musical festivals, cultural or other events take place here and it is no rarity to see people walking a slackline sprung between the threes.

Parc Bastions has beautiful peaceful restaurant, located in a construction of former botanical glass house.

Geneva is also interested for many various and not so usual trees standing here. Don't miss the huge tall and very old seqoia standing not far from Reformation Wall (little further from the chess boards), which is getting so old that the top of the three is dying off.

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Facts about Geneva:

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