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Natural History Museum

The National History Museum was inaugurated in 1966, a few years after it was built, with new galleries adding up in subsequent years, attracting today over 250'000 visitors a year.

You will quickly realise that visiting Switzerland’s largest natural history exhibition is much like taking a trip down memory lane. A straight dive into 60's architecture and interior design while setting off on a journey that will take you through the evolution of mankind.

Natural hisotry museum Exhibits

On the ground floor, you will find the Natural History Museum's very first exhibit, regional fauna. Over 200 local stuffed animals are exposed so if you don’t enjoy taxidermy, you can go straight to the top floors. An oddity not to be missed is Janus, the two-headed Turtle which has become the Museum’s landmark.

First and second floors are dedicated to another large collection of stuffed and preserved animals, tropical this time. A special mention for the reconstitutions of extinct dodo bird, great auk and King Island emu

The top floors are dedicated to geosciences, astronomy and evolution of man. Don’t miss the bronze statue of famous Australopithecus Lucy to compare your size with the woman known to be the oldest human fossil. We also recommend the earthquake simulator in which you’ll enter a very shaky kitchen.

Third floor of museum also hosts moon stones, given to museum as a gift from NASA.

Interesting fact, according the museum, if all the people were to bathe simultaneously in the lake, the level would rise by less than 50 cm.


The Museum is located in the area of Eaux-Vives. Buses 1, 5, 8, 25 will take you there, stop at Muséum or Tranchées-Muséum. With Tram 12, stop at Villereuse.


Free parking in blue zones around the museum is limited, as those are rarely empty. Closest parking garage is Parking de Villereuse with OK rates - entrance is at the cross of Rue de Villereuse and Rue de la Terrasiere.


Unfortunately, there are no audio guides available. Also, descriptions in the museum are only French but you may ask for English or German leaflets at the front desk.
There are 1-hour long guided tours available upon reservation min. 2 weeks in advance for children (75 CHF) or adults (110 CHF). Price is for the whole group of max 25 people. Tours are in French but upon request also available in English, German, Italian and Thai language.


A cafe with a seating capacity of 144 people is available for visitors. You can enjoy daily specials + drinks for CHF 16 or else bring your picnic provided you buy a drink.

Science and Nature Shop

A little boutique, opened during museum's opening hours, offers a selection of nature-themed items - plushy animals, toys, animal pendants, museum T-shirts and exotic stones.


  • Protection and study centre of bats
  • Conference Room hire (217 seats)
  • Meeting room hire (16 - 24 seats)
  • Laboratory for analysis and scientific imagery
  • Library (open Tuesday to Friday, 14:00 – 17:00)
  • Adapted for disabled guests
  • Cafeteria
  • Shop (see above)
  • Free Wifi
  • Toilets
Address: Contacts:
Muséum d'histoire naturelle 120 Geneva, Switzerland
Route de Malagnou 1 Tel: +41 (0) 22 418 63 00
Opening Hours: Admission: free
Every day 10am-5pm
except Mondays, 25.12 and 1.1


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