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Museum of Art and History

Museum of Art and History - Geneva Museum of Art and History is a huge museum of over 1 million exposition pieces, capturing history of the western culture and civilization from the ancient times to the present day. Museum is modern and spacy and the visitor can easily spent couple of hours here. There is a reception with audio guides available, restaurant and children playground, as well as lockers and free toilets in a ground floor. In a close future, Art and History Museum is going to be reconstructed and completely renewed.
Museum entrance is free for everyone.

Audio Guide
At the main entrance is reception, where You can get an audio guide in several French, German or English language for 5 CHF to guide You throught the museum. The audio tour takes about 1.5 hours and You need to provide Your ID card to borrow an apparatus. There are also free fliers about the museum in several languages.

Small restaurant at the ground floor is serving simple meals as well as fruits, fresh juices, tea and café and desserts. The museum buildings are forming a square and in the middle is little nice park, where You can enjoy Your snack or drink.

Kids Playground
Next to the restaurant is children playground, where You can conveniently leave Your kids to play while You visit the museum.

Walking down the massive staircase to the ground floor, the first room that welcomes You is an Ancient Egypt: Sphinx, Egyptian pharaohs and their tombs, historic excavations such as vases from Meroitic epoche, jewelry and decorative objects. In the following room are antique statues and many busts if Greek period, followed by Etruscan and ancient Roman periods;
All in all, You will find many jewellery, vases, jars, bowls, cutlery and hanging scales.
Religious items: paintnigs, icons, stained glass of st. apostols and many
Several reconstructions of original rooms of historical figures, very luxurious and beautifuly decorated.
In the left wing, when You walk pass the room with a moving mechanical construction, there is a big room full of medieval steel armors and various weapons such as swords, halberds, as well as canons and handguns, decorated by hung flags.

Collection of Fine Arts is located at the first floor, where you walk by the massive staircase. Just at the end of staircase you can see beautiful romantic sculpture from Canova, portraying Venus and Adonis. Collections start in the hall 401.
Hall 402 contains retablo from Konrad Witz (1444) portraying Jesus Christ and a fisherman on the Geneva Lake.
Hall 406 includes Rembrandt and another Netherland's artists.
Halls 412-414 displays paintings from Vallotton, Pissarro, Cézanne, Renoir and Modigliani
Hall 425 contains works of Hodler, including his mysterious Lac de Thoune (1909).

Address: (map) Contacts:
Musée d'Art et d'Histoire Genève 1206 Geneva, Switzerland
Rue Charles-Galland 2 Tel: +41 (0) 418 26 00
Opening Hours: Admission: free (permanent exh.);
10:00 – 18:00 Tuesday - Sunday temporary ex.: 5CHF (3CHF reduced)

How will the museum of art and history look after renovation:


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