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Boat Cruises at Geneva Lake

Geneva Lake Cruise Lake Geneva, the largest fresh water surface in Europe, has played important roles through history, through it's prehistorical lakeside villages, the Roman Empire, Napoleon, the second world war, the United Nations etc. But since one hundred years, when occidental populations have started stepping into waters for pleasure, the recreational development has been constant.

Nowadays, Geneva lake is an important pleasure provider. Cruising, bathing, sunbathing, practicing waters ports such as sailing, waterskiing, wakeboarding and boat fishing are among the main sports and pleasure activities this wonderful lake generously offers.

Geneva lake is practicable for swimming almost all year round, for those who do not fear low temperatures, but it is mostly practiced from beginning of June till end of September, along the banks or from boats, since the water is known for it's limpidity, the lake water being constantly renewed by the river Rhône, which brings it from the surrounding Alps.

Those who haven't experienced cruising on Geneva lake between the beautiful panorama of Alps and the Mont-Blanc to one side, and Jura mountains to the other, have missed one of Geneva's star attractions.

Genevaboats, a company specialized in boat rentals with pilot, offers an excellent service to book a boat or a yacht for a lakeside cruise, a lake trip with a visit to the famous medieval french village of Yvoire and it's lovely castle gardens,situated on the french bank, maybe including lunch or dinner at one of the most elegant or charming lakeside restaurants, or for wakeboarding, waterskiing, sailing, or a fishing trip, to go and catch pike, perch, lake trout, char, the lake being rich in variety of fish. Genevaboats have experienced and sympathetic pilots who safely make sure to turn your boat rental lake trip into an unforgettable moment.

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Facts about Geneva:

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