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Right over river l’Arve lays the town of Carouge, a Mediterranean style hamlet modelled after Nice. This former trading town is now commonly referred to as the “Greenwich Village of Geneva” for its many boutiques and studios where artisans and craftsmen of every ilk can be observed plying their trade. The bohemian vibe carries on into the night with a plethora of cafes, jazz bars and nightclubs.

District of Carouge, which used to be a separated town (alternatively French and Sardinian) until 1816, is now a city district of Geneva, known mainly for its old town - “Le Vieux Carouge”, with it's specific old French-Italian architecture.

Carouge is located south from Plainpalais, behind the Arve river, slightly out of the way from the main attractions. Trams 12, 15, 18 and bus line 4 are among the many which provide direct access to the city center, in about 10 minutes ride.

Carouge is beautiful like Italy, many locals would introduce Carouge to You as a "small Italy". It is one of those areas which immediately stands out from all the rest, absolutely incomparable to the rest of the city. In fact, Carouge’s unique architecture is an expression of its Sardinian heritage, a pattern of magnificent historical streets with warm and cosy cafes, bistros and antique shops.

Take an afternoon or evening stroll, go for a café or dinner here and we guarantee you wont feel like you’re in Geneva anymore.

Cafes, bars and nightclubs

Not many McDonald’s and Starbucks around here, Carouge much prefers local atmospheric restaurants, cafes and bars. From classic Chat Noir Club to unavoidable Bar du Nord, area around the street Rue Vautier is very popular nightlife spot among young people.

Make sure you have a full stomach before heading out for drinks, tapas wine bar Qu’importe or restaurant Le Marchand de Sable should fix that perfectly.

While staying in Carouge, you are a 10 min walk away from Bypass, one of Geneva’s biggest and most famous clubs.

Things to do in Carouge

The outdoor Olympic swimming pool known as Piscine de la Fontenette is quite an amazing place to refresh during the warm summer days. The alternative choice is indoor Piscine des Pervenches for water addicts who want to swim against the tide of winter days.

Carouge has its Museum, appropriately called Musée de Carouge, it hosts 3 to 4 exhibitions a year, usually themed after the town.

Many galeries and art studios can be found when randomly walking around beautiful street, together with local coffees and sunny restaurants.

Carouge has a cinema, the Bio 72, which exclusively plays indie films; and popular theatre: Théâtre de Carouge.

Arve river, which borders Carouge from the north-east, has a nice walking and cycling path running along, perfect for romantic walk, cycling adventure or running. The Carouge also has a free bicycle rental station (Genève roule), at Place de l'Octroi.

Shopping in Carouge

Carouge has a huge shopping center Centre Commercial de Carouge, best for it's big toy store on the top floor, by far the largest selection of toys and games in Geneva.

The real shopping experience starts on Rue St-Joseph, from there you can walk down to Place du Marché exploring the adjacent streets. You will find a succession of lovely independent shops including antique dealers, clothes store and boutiques filled with trinkets and knickknacks.

Every Wednesday, a green grocers street market is held on the Place du Marché, the place to find the freshest veg and ripest fruits.


Accommodation in Carouge

Staying in Carouge allows You to enjoy slow-peaced life in a more relaxing atmosphere of Frech and Italian cafes, delicious restaurants and vibrant cultural scene. Here You can search among all hotels in Carouge:



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